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Hot guy in target

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Likes sucking dick and fucking. If you wanna talk send me a with your number and I'll send one back WHEN I TELL SOMEONE THAT I like THEM. I want to meet regularly.

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It originally appeared on our sister site, J The whole music and movies thing was not in the cards for Alex. Garget was living with him for a couple months. It got so out of hand that Molly transferred Alex to work in the stockroom for the rest of his shift.

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Up! This post was written by Emily Brozyna. The first few months was amazing. This morning, a national trending topic on Twitter—wait, let me say that again so that it really hits you, old person—a national trending topic on Twitter—was AskAlexAQuestion. In an effort to truly get to know the living human man, who can speak and breathe and move around in physical space, teens undertook a dedicated web search for the cutest checkout boy Texas has ever seen.

Hold on to your butts, here is the Alex From Target explainer. He had Twitter followers. How did Alex From Target get overfollowers on Twitter in under twenty-four hours?

Then on Sunday, Nov. Girls and boys everywhere shared photos he had posted, learning about his life, his friends, his family, and his story.

Explain it to me for I am old, as old as Shakespeare the playwright. What is Alex from Target's Twitter kn But he is also the latest thing that octogenarians and middle-age-genarians are confused about.

Just a reminder that alex from target is still hot af

Sigh, the joys of being hot. It was just really fun. For those who forgot, it all started when a teen shopper in Texas snapped a photo of a hot boy working at the checkout counter in Target.

I go to do the worm and I did a handstand before I did it and I harget up too high and I just went face straight into the ground. It all started when a teen shopper in Texas snapped a photo of a hot guy working behind the checkout counter at the popular retailer — and yes, that cashier cutie was Alex.

Sharing fried chicken and mashed potatoes with Lindsey happened just a couple of weeks before he became a celebrity. There's a decent chance that she is dead now, I'd say a 90 to 95 percent chance.

We still don't know who the first person to tweet the photo—patient zero—was. Seventeen picks products that we think you'll love the most.

He had to leave high school.

He loved playing soccer. What's taryet with this teen sensation "Alex From Target"? Yes, that cashier cutie was Alex, and he legitimately became a Twitter sensation overnight. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.

We went on tour together and we became really close friends. Read on for more. She could use the support right now, okay? And Alex From Target, to the surprise and glee of the teen web, had his own dot-com presence on sites like Twitter.

The evolution of #alexfromtarget

I actually moved in with him whenever I moved out to California. So I had this gash on my forehead, and I was walking down the hallway. This content is imported from Twitter.

Plus, he looks like Future. The brave woman captured his image on a camera phone and ed it to the web.

But guess what she's a hot bitch so why don't you back off or maybe fave some of her tweets, okay? Television, movie and modeling agents want to meet with him. How is Alex From Target handling his fame?