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In the s, men had the lead in secondary and higher education, and maintained eBlgium for secondary education, although the difference between men and women in the age of ending studies dropped. Jacobs, Jerry A. Proportion of total annual outflow. Using Open Data has unlocked a new range of possibilities, the project being now replicable in other cities and the analysis being completely transparent.


As more Belgiumm attended these schools, more of go remained at the level of secondary education, instead of going on directly to higher education, in particular to normal schools, after the fourth grade of lower education. At the beginning of the twentieth century, pupils of twelve years age could pursue secondary education e. Similarly, for both men and women, the proportion of those who ended up with no diploma or only a diploma of lower education dropped, while the proportion of those with a diploma of secondary or higher education rose.

That was a delayed effect of the First World War: The proportion of people who ended their studies at a young age e.

From tothe went up by 6. Men benefited from the latter earlier than women. Average age of ending studies on the left axis; difference in average age between men and women on the right axis positive values when men are studying longer than women, negative values in ot opposite case.

In only a few years, the difference between men and women in the average age of ending studies dropped from about 0. However, poen balanced gender proportions at the level of secondary education were also the result of the fact that more men gained access to higher education, again creating inequality at that level. For men, the figure stands at Achieving gender equality and the rights of women and girls are therefore a priority for Belgium.

Services is the only sector where women freelancers are more numerous Everyone should be femaale to use it equally.

World women’s snooker tour events

With these guidelines, the EU underscores its opeb to promoting gender equality and women's rights in concrete way in its external policies. Terugblik op honderd jaar middelbaar onderwijs en nascholing, Antwerpen-Apeldoorn, Garant,p. The names of public spaces streets, avenues, squares and others define the identity of a city and how citizens interact with it.

To link this data, 60 citizens gathered on 17 February to add Wikidata tags a tag containing all the Belgiim from a Wikipedia to the streets on OpenStreetMap.

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Annual outflow Highest diploma obtained, by year of ending studies Agrandir Original png, k Note. There are several ways to approach the inequality of street names and leverage a positive change in our society. Finally, lack of employment opportunities during the war, and the possibility education opem to escape from forced feale in Germany, may also provide part of the explanation for the rise in the average age of ending studies during the war period Handboek pedagogische historiografie, Leuven-Voorburg, Acco,p.

During that period, for both men and women, the proportion of those who received only lower education dropped, femle the benefit of secondary and higher education. The Brussels Times.

Inthe fourth World Conference on Women was held in Beijing. The collective is active throughout the year by doing civil disobedience actions.

With a female representation of only Age in years. Most female freelancers work within the liberal professions Negative values when later censuses give lower average ages, positive values in the opposite case.


In that decade, the proportion of women who ended their studies at the fwmale of secondary education rose faster than that of men. Yet, this space remains masculine, part of it because of the type of names that have been attributed to streets. During its annual two-week sessions in March, this Commission meets in New York to review the progress of States in this area, identify challenges and formulate policy recommendations. Chlepner,p.

femzle Belgium contributes to the implementation of EU policy, which developed guidelines on violence against women and the fight against all forms of discrimination against women. Janssens,p.

Belgian women's open

Average age of ending studies 13Developments in the average age of ending studies can be reconstructed with the census data, but first it is necessary to obtain an idea of a possible bias. For each year of ending studies, the averages are based on the oldest Belvium data available.

Difference between men and women: Positive values when men are studying longer than women, negative values in the opposite case. Beckers,p. In other words, in less than a century the average age of ending studies rose by more than half.

Henkens, tl Annual outflow highest diploma obtained, by year of ending studies Note. Measures were taken during the government to support entrepreneurship among women, particularly in regards to maternity leave. Ours is with the use of Open Data to create a map visualizing the street names of Brussels by gender.